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Hiring VFX, Animation, Media and Games professionals globally.
2021 - 2022 and further
our unique features

  • Our unique database of candidates: several thousand specialists interviewed by us;
  • Excellent network that allows us to reach every professional community and get any necessary advice or recommendation;
  • Candidates have an unprecedented level of trust in Anna Plate: leading industry experts call her the best headhunter in the VFX and Animation industries on the East. Europe market;
  • We know exactly how the industry works;
  • We work closely with CEO's, producers, creative and technical directors, HoP’s and HR, to ensure the most effective recruiting for your production needs;

that's why

  • we have no competitors;
  • we can find the right candidate faster than others: on average in a 40-45 days;
  • we have the best terms: 1.2 monthly gross salary of the candidate, free replacement and no pre-payment;
  • we can help with recruiting as well as with any questions about candidate's profile, his cost and the most effective search tools.
  • we can offer an unique feature: sending lists of qualified and verified candidates at your request from our base twice a week just for $1300/month
they trust

"We are working with Anna, and now with her agency, for over 4 years and we don't plan to stop. Excellent industry knowledge, talent in headhunting, as well as the ability to create pleasant impressions from collaboration".
"We came to Anna on the recommendation of several industry colleagues and are pleased with the cooperation. Anna really knows how to pull out interesting candidates and bring them to the offer. She is also good at solving HR brand tasks in the process of work".
Alexander Gorokhov

Robert Bagratuni
CEO, Mundfish Studio (Atomic Heart project)

vacancies we're best at

CEO, CFO, HRD, CIO, CTO, CMO, DWH Architect, Producer, Product Manager, Product Owner etc.

Art Director, Lookdev Lead, Animation Director, Supervisor (VFX, Compositing, Modeling, Production etc), Pipeline TD, Unity/UE/Maya/Houdini Developer etc.

VFX Artist, Animation Artist, Rigging Artist, Compositing Artist, CG Artist, Concept Artist, Level Designer, Game Designer, RnD Engineer, Texture Artist, UI/UX designer, Technical Artist, Environment Artist, Visual Development Artist etc.
phone: +7(926) 420-23-61



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